Yearbook Order information

Cost: $20

Two Ways to Order a Yearbook

1.     Pay Online with a credit card

    •   www.online-pay.memorybook.com/parent
    •   Enter pay code 87192 & click “next.”
    •   Enter grade, teacher, student information and click “add to cart.”
    •   Online pay is available until Friday, March 30th.


2.     Send Cash & Check Orders to School

    • Please make checks payable to “Mountain PTA.”
    • Fill out the envelope at the bottom of the attached form and send it to school with your child through April 27th.

The Mountain Community did a stellar job bringing in Box Tops in the first semester. The grand total was 5,827 Box Tops! Thank you!!

Congratulations to the Box Tops Class Competition Winner:

1st Place: Mrs. Montoya's 3rd Grade Class with 681 Box Tops

2nd Place: Mrs. Moore's 5th Grade Class with 658

3rd Place: Mrs. Zobay's 1st Grade Class with 549



Thanks to your support and generosity we exceeded our FUNd Run goal!

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